My Name is K. Praveen Kumar,

I have been working as a chief organiser in LIC of India since 12 Years. I have more than1200 policy holders, Interacting with Prospective customers to make them comprehend the benefits of LIC is the main forte of my professional career. Rendering professional services and getting feedback from my existing clients for continuous improvement is my highest priority. Most of the people often get failed in fulfilling their family responsibilities and commitments in their lives owing to an unplanned financial approach.
I just wanted to take the opportunity in helping you understand the long-term benefits of investing your savings in an insurance policy for better future prospects. My focus would be always is to explain the features of different insurance policies currently offered by the company and to advise the best based on the client’s portfolio and requirement.


The return on investment during [or] at the end of policy term will give you enough confidence to expedite crucial responsibilities of life such as Children’s Marriage, Education, Recurrent Pension, survival benefits, interval amount, etc., Irrespective of your presence in case of an unforeseen situation as well.


My Achievements:

  • I qualified 7 times MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table).
  • I visited Bangkok.
  • I trained at IIM Lucknow.
  • Under my team, 12 DSA's are working.

I will also assist you on below investment concepts

  • Life Protection
  • Child Education & Marriage Plan
  • Retirement Plan
  • Health Insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Personal Loans
  • Estate Creation
  • Capital Protection
  • NRI Insurance and Investment Planning
  • Partnership Insurance
  • Many Moreā€¦

I would be happy to meet you at your convenient date and time,
Thank You!


Our Team

V Sudhakar

Direct Sales Advisor

DSA Code - 10197D064

K Sailusha

Direct Sales Advisor

DSA Code - 10346D064

V Santhosh Kumar

Direct Sales Advisor

DSA Code - 10446D064

B Raju

Direct Sales Advisor

DSA Code - 10544D064