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Saral Jeevan Bima(859)

  • Plan : Saral Jeevan Bima(859)
  • Product Summary : SARAL JEEVAN BIMA plan number 859 This is a Non-Linked, Without Profits, Pure Risk Cover Plan.
  • Waiting Period : 45 Days from date of acceptance of proposal.
  • Premium Payment Mode: Premiums can be paid either under Regular Premium, Limited Premium or Single Premium payment options under this plan.
    In case of Regular and Limited Premium payment, the premium can be paid regularly during the Premium Paying Term with modes of premium payment yearly , half-yearly,and monthly (only ECS/NACH).
  • Term : 5 to 40 Years
  • Minimum Entry Age : 18 Years (Last Birthday)
  • Maximum Entry Age : 65 Years (Last Birthday)
  • Minimum Sum Assured : 5,00,000
  • Maximum Sum Assured : 25,00,000

Policy Benefits :

On Death :
During Waiting Period:
Natural Death : Refund of 100% of all premiums paid without Taxes.
Accidental Death : Sum Assured on Death

After Waiting Period:
Natural / Accidental Death : Sum Assured on Death
Sum Assured on Death : 100% of Basic SA

MATURITY BENEFIT: Nothing is Payable.

On Survival :
On survival to the end of the policy term,no benefits shall be payable.

Surrendered Value :
No surrender value will be available under this plan.

Loan :
No loan will be granted under this plan.

Income Tax Benefit :
• Premium paid under this plan is eligible for TAX rebate under section 80c.

Proposal Form : 300 and 340 shall be used under this plan.